How To Establish Best Social Media Profile in 2017

Step number one;

Increase the number of followers

The first thing that you need to understand is that you should first know ‘why’ you started your business at first place. If you don’t know why you have started the business and what the main thing you need to focus on than your clients will also be confused and won’t have any clear idea about your business. The Instagram page you have for your business advertisement shall reflect the main essence of your brand which can only be achieved once you as the owner of the business knows why your customers should invest their time and money in your business. If you won’t have any idea about the posts you post on your account than your customers will not have any reason to follow you.

So this is the time when you need to decide what image of your brand you want to create in your consumer’s mind, what your brand should look like. Make a clear goal and stay stick to it. If you don’t know your goaL than your INSTAGRAM followers will be asking you such questions and will share same concerns. So you as a brand shall be aware of your consumer’s pain and what is it about your brand that is bothering them. only once this why a question is being solved, you will be able to buy 500 Instagram Followers.

Step two

Change the voice;

Changing the voice means learning the language of your business, how many people are there in your business who clearly understands what you are coming up with if your workers are not able to understand your voice than you won’t be able to succeed on your own. Sharing your voice and vision with the kind of people who understands you means your voice has been refined.

Also, it means that if you have started a business as an entrepreneur than who your clients are. If ,your business has been able to leave an influence or impact, then who are the people who have been influenced. And what does come to the mind of the people, when they visit your Instagram account.

Step three


Once you know your ‘voice and vision’ and also know ‘why’ mentioned above then you need to find more ways of gaining followers. Understand the nitty-gritty details for gaining followers. Now you need to find that what hashtags to use. Use the key and smart catchy hashtags to attract more followers.

How to find the right hashtags

To start using hashtags you need to visit similar accounts like yours and see who are the main type of influencers in your business industry and what are the type of hashtags are being used by them. learn the language of your business and shall be able to conduct it wisely and smartly to your workers and influencers both.

Choose hashtags that can help you to explain your goal and shall deliver your voice and vision to your customers and followers.