How to improve food security?

Today, millions of people around the world are suffering from hunger due to several reasons. This world is full of food which is more than enough to feed the entire planet, so the hunger issue is no longer a trouble in this era. However, there are certain factors that come in the way of the insufficient use of fertilizers, crop rotation, and water. Food security is a complex issue to solve, so people working in the international development are constantly under pressure to resolve this issue in a true sense. A survey indicates that the global population will reach up to 9 billion by 2050 so the food security issue may also touch the sky. It is the right time to bring this issue into the limelight and resolve it accordingly. This article will highlight certain ways to reduce this dramatically increasing problem.

Create a balance in nutritional security and food

Today, the environmental scientists are doing research on the traditional staple crops such as rice, wheat, and maize to deal with the ever increasing hunger issue. Now, people must accept that they should look at the nutritional balance of the staple food consumed and grown. For alleviating the malnutrition, the researcher is trying to create a better balance between the staple food and horticultural crops. People need to support the farmers if they do not want to face any starvation. Farmers are usually uneducated, and they do not know the necessary things about a particular crop so they should be given some information that they need to manage the unfamiliar diseases that may attack their crops.

Reduce the water consumption

The major cause of hunger is the less availability of water. Therefore, it is necessary to improve the irrigation system or plant such crops that consume less water. Rice is the most favorite stable crop of people, but growing rice needs extra water. So it is important to prevent planting such crops like rice or sugar cane which need additional water. It is not that simple to change the growth of such crops which are the dire need of farmers or people living in rural areas. The best way to bring this change to encourage farmers or people by giving them economic incentives.

Use food directly

Typically, the people convert the crops for animal feed and other uses which result in the loss of certain calories. However, feeding this food directly to people can provide enough calories for about 4 billion people of the world. Farmers can grow certain crops and make his family eat rather than selling it for buying other foods.

Reduce Food Wastage

It is necessary to take significant measures for reducing food waste as lots of food is goes to trash throughout the world. People are wasting about 30 to 50 percent of food which is quite a huge percentage. This percentage indicates that avoiding food waste will feed about 50 more percent of people globally. Therefore, you can say that reducing food waste will improve the food security to a larger extent.