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A journey. The dictionary describes it as a passage or progress from one stage to another. Yet I view it as the personal calling that I have had since I was 6 years old. It is a passion that my dad helped nurture by teaching me all that he had learned as a production technician and technical director. This passion has led me to so many new and different experiences throughout my life.

Ever since I was six years old my father would bring me to work. Preparing equipment, loading trucks, carrying cables, and cutting lighting gels helped to create a fundamental understanding of the production process. Listening to the sights and sounds of a production in the making thrilled me! Soon I was eager to bring all that I had learned with my father to my elementary school. During the first grade I started a movie night. With the help of my parents I was able to provide projection, audio and lighting systems. I also performed the role of MC and helped choose the movies and design the flyers. Every month my elementary school was enriched with a colorful and festive event which brought the community together. It was a great fundraising activity for the school. My inspirations were a successful turning point that helped form my path for the next seven years. I continued to build upon this throughout the rest of my educational career.

During middle school and high school, theater became a primary focus. I continued to learn and grow my audio visual production knowledge. I learned to apply techniques to the stage for live performances. For the next four years I became the lead audio engineer. My creative growth continued and allowed me to become the Student Technical Director. Some of my new technical concepts included creating backdrops using video projection, lighting effects using LEDs and gobos.

I have also been given the opportunity to take part in the Skills USA Web Design competition. The objective was to design and code a website from scratch, with the help of a partner.  My partner and I went from winning bronze in our local high school competition, to winning gold for the state of Rhode Island, leading us to place 22 out of 45 in the Skills USA National Competition which took place this past June. By being in a key leadership role for the auditorium, I have been given the opportunity to help the administration with a student led pilot program. Creating a program where students could learn and study about any topic of their choice. The school also gave me the opportunity to be a part of the Apple One to One program where I assisted fellow students and teachers with their apple laptops and class room technology.

Outside of school I continued exploring new opportunities and meeting new people with the event production industry. I’ve worked on fundraising events, corporate events with executives from Hasbro, Citizens Bank, MetLife and Michael Kors, and worked with many non-profits such as the Matty Fund, Nantucket Wine Festival, Tim Russet Summer Groove and many more. Every show has challenged me creatively and professionally.

Everyones experience of a show is different, what they see, hear and feel is the subject of my creativity and it is always changing. I look forward to enhancing my creative views every day as a student at Full Sail University.